10 Years of Wargasound !!!!

10 years of songs, people, places and friends, sharing, enjoying and bringing the singing from one place to another. 

For sure, it deserves huge meeting and good party.

And so, it will be;

When? From 20 to 30 of july

Where? In 3 friend's places along the farwestern Bretagne, in France

How? In a partying, singing, but also talking mood.

Who? As usual who can, who wants...

What? Songs, workshops, concerts, markets, music, meetings, talking about future and past of the project, party, shared foods, 

In Trémargat, small and quite resistant village, they make since some years, one alternative to the huge summer festivals around. We are proud to be welcomed by them to welcome you..

On saturday and sunday, during the day, we will have many one-hour workshops, and on sunday evening, it will be a nice singing concert.

Part 1; From 20th to 23th of July
Welcoming session at the Binettes Yaouank festival

Hosted by our friends from the organic farm La Talvera, we will spend some days dedicated to some "deep Wargasound" matters. Looking at those ten years, taking a look on methods and tools and deciding what will be the future of Warga... And also singing in some markets, of course.

24th: Morning market spot in Paimpol, afternoon farm market concert in La Talvera

25th: Working groups, meetings and chats

26th: General Meeting.

Part 2; From 24th to 26th of July
Markets and Talkings
Part 3; From 27th to 30th of July
Singing Multi Party

In the area of Trédrez-Locquemeau, we will gather for the last part of the birthday.

27th and 28th; Workshop and singing party in St Jean, Ploumiliau.29th; Sing

29th: Singing concert in Café Théodore, in Trédrez-Locquemeau.

30th; Singing in front of the "Café du port" in Trédrez's harbour.

Farewell picnic

In the meantime, we will cross France, doing some more workshops and concerts, and some local Wargasound teams will also do some workshops. Feel free to join in any of these gatherings...

31/05   Mini workshop   18h00-22h00    Ferme des Roussets 

01/06   Concert with Choftawa 20h00  Ferme des Roussets

09/06  Workshop 10h00-17h00  in Kerenez, Côtes d'Armor

10/06  Workshop 10h00-13h00  in Kerenez, Côtes d'Armor

16/06  Workshop 10h00-17h00 at l'Atelier de l'Entonnoir, Prades

17/06  Workshop 10h00- 17h00 at l'Atelier de l'Entonnoir, Prades

30/06 Workshop 10h00-17h00 at l'Atelier, Limbrassac

01/07 Workshop 10h00-17h00 at l'Atelier, Limbrassac

06/07 Singing concert in the marché de producteurs de l'APABM, Blesle



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